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dancing mare

Absolutely marvelous dressage demonstration; also lovely for those of us with equine or ‘taur fursonas– how do horses dance? This mare is not just doing dressage, she seems to LIKE to dance! The freeze-frames one can do from this vid are great for getting tricky leg details right for art, too!


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in honor of CATURDAY!

Teh Mean Kitteh video; it’s great!!!


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The college humor dudes (and dudettes?) show us what a meeting and a comment stream have in common. NSFW (language). Ganked from <a href=”CrunchNotes.

While the ginormous meeting of doom is really lousy as a format for accomplishing a lot of things, this video goes a long way to explaining why we never get anything done online. For various values of 'never', of course. And why the web-based forum will never replace mailing lists for productivity!

Seriously genius.

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Via fishbliss:

Um, mostly worksafe… “why are those people laughing?”

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