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Open Source Fitness Challenge:I'm on vacation this week and away from my home scale. I'll return with numbers next Monday. #wp #osfc

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Waiting on a lovely upstairs patio at Stanford Hospital to pick up a friend who is getting some diagnostics done. Gorgeous campus. Color me impressed. #wp

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More ways to go outbound originating from Google Plus. #wp

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Some great tips!

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Wow. The sad thing is that I'm not more shocked. Misogyny in the tech industry is real and prevalent in many places. Sure, there are some really women-friendly companies out there. They are more the exception than the rule. #wp

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My friends with real reach, please repost & share far and wide. Dell needs to understand that pushing such misogynistic views is not acceptable, even if it is outside the U.S. Hey +Michael Dell "I'm sorry if you are offended" is not an apology.

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Post to your WordPress blog from Google PlusCreate a feed from your public G+ entries using a tool such as gplusrss.com.Go to ifttt.com and create a task recipe that scans your feed for a key tag, like #wp and triggers a WordPress posting. You can specify what goes in the posting and how it appears.Turn on the task and do a test post, like this one. Now the magic happens.(yes, you do need to provide credentials to ifttt.com, but they can be your email inbound post credentials for WP, not your admin login)

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What happens when you're a mathematician and student of mystical geometry and you play around a lot with soap films, study vortices, and think about Archimedian tiling? You discover a 7-sided form that occurs in multiple places in nature, including the human heart's chambers, and name it after yourself: the Chestahedron, by Frank Chester, a student of Rudolf Steiner. Then you make amazing art with it, invent a new kind of bell suspended from the apex point of your form, and generally go hog-wild.Wow. The Art and Architecture of Frank Chester. Don't miss the PDF booklet that includes a paper pattern to cut and fold your own chestahedron. +James Salsman this one's for you especially. I remember walking straw dodecahedrons in the park with you and your mentor Ed, talking about Archimedean solids and Golay encoding.#wp

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Fascinating analysis of the Obama presidency.
'The right calls him a socialist, the left says he sucks up to Wall Street, and independents think he's a wimp. Andrew Sullivan on how the president may just end up outsmarting them all." You hear it …

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