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Looking for some good reading over the holiday break? Try starting with John Bracken’s blog posting on The Most Influential Media Writing of 2007, and continue on to the source material he’s so helpfully linked into the post.

I’d not heard of John’s blog before this post was mentioned on Farber’s IP list, and many of the authors and blogs he cites are unfamiliar to me. This is, in my world, a good thing, as I’m always seeking to expand my repertoire of context. Every social circle is going to have its own “Most Influential” list– what’s yours?


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Playing Footsie

So. Freakin. Cool. Robert Full’s TED talk on “Secrets of Movement” and designing artificial feet for all-terrain robots.

Once again the folks at TED are posting new talks from previous years. I think this completely rocks, for those of us keenly interested, but unable to attend. Unlike some similar conferences (many of which are, I believe, imitators of TED) which make talks available via expensive DVDs, these folks really care about the IDEAS and sharing them. Huzzah!

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