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…doing the impossible before breakfast: Mule gives birth (NPR).

They don’t know yet whether the foal is a mule, with 63 chromosomes, or a donkey, with 62. Or a chimera.

Maybe the little guy is the savior to the overworked beasts of burden, a virgin birth to a lowly pack mule. Born to lead to freedom all hooved mammals who labor without surcease and find their rewards to be, not retirement in green pastures, but a trip to the knackers. Orwell’s prefigurement made flesh, and Boxer the patron saint. “I will work harder.”

Goddess grant it, in our lifetimes, eh?


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Discovered the excellent Public Health and Nutrition List” run out of UW. Lots of cites of interesting nutritional, morbidity, and research info.

A really great posting by on the topic of thyroid and chronic fatigue led me to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers web pages. Highly recommended. I’ll see if there’s one in the SF Bay Area, to support me in my continuing struggle to balance thyroid/energy levels and activity levels, with fewer stall-outs at 30K feet.

For those looking for some of the research I’ve mentioned socially, here is one of the key papers on cinnamon’s effect on blood glucose, with a list of related papers at the end (most with links).

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Go watch Hans Kessler presenting his mind-blowing data visualization of world health, economy, and myth debunking at TED 2006.

Using the nonprofit GapMinder Foundation site’s tools and database access, it should be possible to create similar correlations between results of conservation efforts like acquisition of permanent easement land by conservation trusts, annual bird and wildlife counts, water and wetlands analysis, and localized life expectancy, cancer, and economic data.

I want to see this. If it correlates the way I *hope* it will, it could be an extremely powerful tool for conservation, right-sizing, and healthy sustainability.

If you get to it before I do (likely!), can you please comment here or email me? Many thanks!

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