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Followed a link in my inbox to a rating survey of hospitals, rating them on things like doctor-induced harm, post-op sepsis, patient death, etc. 4th or 5th annual survey of over 5K hospitals in USA.

If fellow South Bay folks need anything, or have to go to an ER and have choices, go for O’CONNOR HOSPITAL in San Jose. They made it onto the HealthGrades Distinguished Hospitals list in the 4th annual Patient Safety in America survey. There were East Bay hospitals on the list, too.

However, no Bay Area hospitals are on the HealthGrade nationwide top 50 list. To get on that, a hospital has to have been a Distinguished Hospital in all years of the survey, or be in the top scoring percentile of the hospitals that have been a DH in the previous 4 years of the survey.

CA hospitals that made the top 50 list:

Glendale Memorial, Glendale
Cedars-Sinai, LA
Good Samaritan, LA
St Johns, Santa Monica

Given that there was a 28% reduction in mortality between the top 50 and a standard hospital– not even complications, just straight out “He’s dead, Jim”, I think if our family needs anything major done, we might hop on down to LA, or even Santa Monica.


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