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We spent over 3 hours yesterday messing with our power box, ultimately replacing a 15-amp breaker and the main 100-amp distro breaker.

At least all this was happening on a sunny afternoon. Not dark (though we had a deadline that was very clearly advancing). Not rainy.

All of this started as my darling spouse decided that *his* high-priority shared housecleaning day project would be to “finally” replace the timer switch on the backyard floodlight with a regular switch.


But we lived, the house has juice again, and at least the LR got vacuumed and lots of recycling got taken outside & away.


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Just discovered the Apartment Therapy website, and the book. They do regular 8-week challenges, a la the Flylady folks, where you follow along in the book and wreak (chaotic good) havoc in your dwelling.

Starting tomorrow (Sept 5th): The Fall Cure.

I'm SO freakin' there. Who else is along for the ride? Woo!

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