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So grey and rainy that it was very difficult to actually get up and get to Master Gardener class today. Grandiose plans for laundry, packing, etc after class interrupted by major nap attack. Feeling groggy but slightly more human now, still worried that I might be catching a cold. Might have to cancel tomorrow’s ShopBot session and rest up instead– really don’t want to miss this weekend’s birthday trip out of town.

Now have a total of four fullsize tree sides completed. Forgot the hearts and birds from the heartbird tree! Left them on the table saw extension bench, probably someone has thrown them away by now, oh well. They were cute. At least the tree itself is safely in my storage unit, along with the rest of the plywood to cut.

Increasing the plunge depth to a quarter-inch was successful. It slightly exceeds the rate at which the milling bit can eject material, so that the traces are full of sawdust. However, that does not see to impact the overall cutting progress. The wood is not heating excessively or scorching, so I deem it a success. That means 4 passes to full cut instead of 6 passes, so that’s a significant time saver over many trees. Especially if I switch to half-inch plywood, as I’m tempted to do for the next tree batch.

Among many things I’m learning on this project, I just tried and successfully figured out how to move files from my Blackberry to my Mac via Bluetooth, as I couldn’t find the serial cable easily. Now I have pix to put up of the fullsize cutouts.


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