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Mike and I were expanding on the theme of ‘maybe they are ALL cylons’ (and which generations thereof) last weekend. He sent me http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2007/03/but_you_and_i_w.html a link to a nifty Chicago Trib column with LOTS of speculation in the comments.. Most of the variants I’m seeing are in sync with stuff we’re thinking about, so either we’re all right or all wrong together.


  • Everybody is a Cylon, and some Cylons periodically renew the humanness of the programming by setting up sleeper colonies and subjecting them to evolutionary pressure.
  • Rebellion within the cylon ranks, whether everyone is a cylon or not– the four cylons revealed are part of a group that has major policy differences with the others.
  • The Lords of Kobol are/were renegade cylons who founded the colonies and gave up their reincarnation/upload technology.
  • Roslyn is not a cylon, but can join the visions because of her blood infusion from Hera; she will be an important link.Stuff we totally didn’t think of, and has potential…
  • The four ‘revealed’ cylons are actually NOT cylons, they’re human incarnations linked to the Temple of Five, of which Kara is either the fifth party or a messenger intermediary.
  • There’s some big 3rd party out there, and the humans and cylons will be forced to ally to survive. Hmmm. I don’t like that one much, but it’s an idea.
  • *We* are all cylons. The events are happening in Earth’s past; when the Fleet and the Cylons arrive, Sol 3 is basically ook-ook territory, with the possible exception of Atlantis. The two fleets shred each other and then the survivors end up scattered around the globe to form the nexus of modern humanity. Explains the old deity name matches, like Hera, Athena, etc. 😉
  • Leoben saying “Adama is a cylon” in an earlier episode actually referred to LEE Adama. Starbuck never really died, as Lee-cylon’s programming actually either imagined her death or faked her death report. (My follow-up idea, reading this– some ancient Lords-O-Kobol device reacted to Lee-cylon and faked her death; she doesn’t yet know that Lee-cylon is a cylon. The wormhole/vortex *is* a gateway of some kind. But I still think it’s far-fetched.)Whew. There are even more theories, but I’m tired of typing!

    Not giving up? Here’s an interview with Exec Producer Ron Moore, which may shed light on some of this. Then again, it may be ‘ha ha, made you blink, now which cup is the pea under?’ kind of light. 😀 Or read http://sepinwall.blogspot.com/2007/03/battlestar-galactica-let-us-not-talk.html some highly abstruse musings by a blogger or even the <http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/index.php?s=aded39589ddd0414bb97e6d431667ab2&showforum=746 Television Without Pity BSG Board from which all wisdom may or may not have sprung.

    Or go put your knickers in a serious twist with classic BSG in mystical mode, and wonder how much of it Ron-boy has snuck in there. Yeep.

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