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Frank Warren (Post Secrets) is doing a signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz on Tuesday night (Oct 16th) at 7:30pm. I would totally love to go, but I won't, because I try never to be all fangrrl at anybody. (heartpang) And I scheduled a garden meeting that lasts until 6pm, so getting out there would be hellish. (sigh)

The things in those books. Strong drink and a cold breeze from a reaching singularity. I have designed my own postcards and not-mailed them. Some would make people happy. Others, well… others. I also won't go because when I read the books, sometimes I'm crying (happy or sad crying, sometimes both), and everything about crying in public sucks, for me at least.

Oh, he's at Diesel in Oakland and Booksmith in SF on Weds, and at Elliott Bay in Seattle on Thurs. And lots of other places on tour in October. If you’ve somehow never heard of Post Secret, you’re in for a wild ride!


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Dawn: Flea Market!

We'll be setting up at the Foothill^H Onizuka^H DeAnza ham radio flea market, as part of an ongoing decrufification effort, including such festive riches as a double-NIC 1999 eMachine 500 running a clean OpenBSD install, a 27″ color TV owned by not one but TWO famous sysadmins, and MOAR!

Come on down. Say hi. Buy crap, err, stuff, err TREASURE, that's it, TREASURE. Cheep. Technical books. Serial cables. Null modem adaptors. A SPARC Ultra something or other. A genuine IBM Selectric typewriter, with multiple type ballz. Did I say TREASURE enuf yet?

Oh, and I'll be selling, and signing, copies of TPOSANA 2nd Edition at a hefty discount, so come on down for that too!

TREASURE!!!! (No, rly!)

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