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OK, so you’re a good egg, kinda like me. You can’t do the Eed Pebnista out loud either without using the Schoolhouse Rock riffs.

Let me warn you about something.

There is something worse than being unable to read Tennyson’s Lady of Shalot out loud to oneself without drifting into Loreena McKennitt.

Namely, getting about 3.5 lines into a 5 line stanza and realizing you have actually drifted into “Both Sides, Now” and can’t find your way back.

And then you start to…doubt. Now you’re singing softly to yourself. Did she do the whole poem? Do you remember? It’s all kinda background music until you get to the part you know. Was the song really that long? Don’t you wish you had it digitized, instead of in the closet somewhere in a CD notebook?

Anyway. Don’t every let ’em tell ya that reading science fiction is uncultured. I actually found the poem because 3 lines of it are excerpted in an Eric Frank Russell story (Eustace) that I’d been reading since I was a kid. I put them into either Alta Vista or, heck, I don’t remember the other one at the moment, back in 1993 or so and found it.


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Like to read, don’t like to comment (too many clicks, too much work). Spend most time on email now, or just plain live in person. Thinking about consoliblagdation into one oneline thang that mirvs to many. Someday, when I care again.

Two days behind on email, two weeks behind on gardening (fixing that), two months behind on garden blogging (eentsy fix today). Laptop busted for, oh, I dunno, almost a month now? Do I care?

So much of the past year has been a blur of deadlines, Republicans, and meat. (Thank you, Zippy!) Bleakness. Desolation. Plastic forks. Friday I think I actually Got Out From Under.

I think I kinda forgot who I am when I’m not shoving me out of the way to try to do stuff to not let other folks down. Most of the past 12 months I’ve been either physically ill or so overcommitted that it was making me mentally ill or (you guessed it!) both.

Oh yeah, and I knew I wrote this for a reason, I’m trying to get meds-free except for the stuff that I can’t get rid of (eg, thyroid, and probably blood sugar). Which is turning out to be, um, interesting, and causing my user interface to be, um, more varied? than usual? Or maybe I’m just noticing that, and I’m really that random all the time? Dunno. I don’t enjoy that part. I do enjoy not getting mystery gusher nosebleeds anymore since getting off the Allegra, though. Even if I sniffle through the summer instead of smelling the flowers as much as I’d like.

I’m thinking I really need to do some travelling this summer. Should I visit you? If so, remind me where you live and how long you like housepests^H^H guests to stay, and what you want us to do when I get there. Super grandiose missions possible, ranging from ‘helping me to finally organize the basement’ to ‘getting stoned/drunk/whatever a lot and hanging out’ to ‘walking part of the Appalachian Trail for a few weeks’ to ‘starting an organic goat dairy’. Teach me something. Have me teach you something. Whatever.

Yes, this is the summer of Make Me an Adventure I Can’t Refuse. Operators aren’t standing by. They don’t even answer the phone half the time. Ha ha! You have to leave a message and even then they might not answer it! Wooooooo!!!!

I could make this friends-only but so many of my friends either don’t have accounts and just read, or they are random too. Eh. I’ll go back and privatize it in a few days or so. I’m a couple weeks behind (at least) so I figure most of the peeps are too.

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fracked-up weather

We broke weather records today, with a high of 80 F at Moffett Field, just a mile or three from our place. I hope that this week of bizarrely warm weather won’t result in my existing cool-weather plants all bolting and going to seed. Seems to have taken at least one cilantro plant up an additional foot in 24 – 48 hours, ugh.

On the other hand, I just started a LOT of seeds in a flat outside on the patio; some peppers, a bunch of basil, various flowers. So those may come up this week and do well.

Worst case– the cool-weather green stuff all bolts, and the seedlings thrive but then die off when normal March weather comes back (low 60’s day, low 50’s or high 40’s night).

Oh, and I have been taking guafenesin all day to loosen up this JUNK in my chest; it’s gone from clear to light yellowish, and I slept most of the day– no more Mr. Nice Grrl, started the antibiotics tonight. :-/

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