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Amin Bhatia liftoff


Every now and then I go look up something I like that I can’t get any more. Today, after taking a bit of a trip through surf music land (inspired by an acquaintance’s page), I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can dig up a copy of Interstellar Suite”. I have an audio cassette copy made by a kind friend who introduced me to Amin Bhatia’s music, as well as some other memorable music (Happy the Man, for instance). If you’re out there reading, Hi Christina! Drop me an email, I don’t know how to reach you these days.

Anyway, the yeeha-factor is that I did in fact find pointers to Bhatia, and he is in the process of re-releasing Interstellar Suite! And has put up some audio samples on his site in the meantime. Oh yeah!!!


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