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I’m pretty shocked that my top picks for the fifth member of the Final Five don’t appear in the Battlestar Wiki’s speculation page. Let me tell you why I think that the 12th model is…

Laura Roslyn

  • No other humans have had visions of the Opera House unless guided by a Cylon projection (eg, Baltar guided by Caprica Six). Also, her self-image in the Opera House is visibly younger-looking.
  • Her earlier cancer was cured by an infusion of cylon-hybrid blood. My guess is that there’s a flaw in her biology and that she had a ‘refresh’ via that infusion.
  • There is more than one way that a ‘dying leader’ can die– her self-image as a human can be dying, or her body can be dying but perhaps she can be downloaded.
  • She is in a key position in the fleet, like the other 4 of the final five (although that would make Tory’s position as her advisor possibly superfluous).
  • Roslyn could be the bridging cylon between the final five and the other models. She shared the dream with Sharon Agathon and resurrected Caprica Six, but didn’t share the song (afaik– now I want to go back and listen to all the times she’s been humming to herself!!!).
  • Her increasing closeness to Adama (are they lovers who are merely highly discreet, or have they not taken that final step yet?) puts her in a good position to create another hybrid, as they are forming a real bond.
  • Her hatred of Baltar could also be that he ultimately betrayed the cylons as well (manipulating Three/D’Anna, etc); she may not realize where the hatred comes from, as she’s a deep sleeper cylon if she is one at all.
  • She sensed the other cylons in the beginning of the Season 3 finale before the DRADIS picked them up.
  • Can she interact with the chart table? She lays her hands on it often– and while it’s not a cylon-style water table input device, RDM confirms that cylons can interact electro-optically with computing devices with their bare hands.the Galactica itself
  • As the screen capture that posted ages ago shows, the cylon virus DID get through all the Galactica’s firewalls before they pulled the computer networks apart.
  • Mysterious events involving the Galactica abound.What do you think?
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