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One of the professions near and dear to my hear is that of graphic design. I’m still not sure if it’s Brigadoon lost or a bullet dodged, but either way, I pay attention when I can. I recently encountered a gem of a Laugh Out Loud moment courtesy of Speak Up, namely the long-suffering lament, now a soulful metal ballad: “Make the Logo Bigger”. “I don’t wanna tell you how to do your job, but could you make the logo bigger?.

The comments on this posting are a real humor-drizzled slice of life on their own, leading to places like Von Glitschka’s “Day in the Life”, documenting a “Make this 400% bigger” post-it note, and the inspired nonsense (brilliantly conceived, if gigglingly executed) of The Bauhaus Rap.

SRC art, worldtree, copyright 2007

I’m happily blown away by all the great design tutorials on the web these days, like Illustration Class and Computer Arts. These folks sure know how to teach– they walk you through the workflow from sketch to finished digital product, or tool-by-tool techniques for specific effects. There’s many a happy afternoon here for design dilettantes like myself who are thinking of taking our sketchbook art to the next level.

SRC art, serpent nest, copyright 2007

Just started checking out the pro-mag Design Tools Monthly, especially their great Mac tools section. It’s almost enough to make me go out and get a Design certificate. But I really should upgrade my own website first. Hey, maybe I should make the logo smaller!!


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I spent some time today taking pix of art in my notebooks. I uploaded a bunch of it to a sketchbook FlickR set; have fun.

This one is for who has been having adventures lately. Been there, done that, time to go again.

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There’s a continuum along which one can be a traditionalist, an early adopter, a visionary, or simply an idiot, or insane, or both. The reality is that the same person, in the same place, will appear all along that continuum depending on the observer.

Ursula K LeGuin’s classic tale, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” never dealt with the friends and family of Those Who Walk Away. I started walking away over a decade ago, but stayed ‘a moment’ to enjoy someone’s company. Now I’m on the road again, metaphorically speaking, following in the footsteps of Kerouac, Thoreau, O’Keefe, and others.

How many tried to leave Omelas, but were restrained by friends and family ‘for their own good’? Worse, how many were grateful later on for being saved from such a ‘big mistake’?

Or were they really crazy? If so, the ones who left are a tragedy. If only they hadn’t been so naive and idealistic. If only. It may or may not be the only life we’ve got, but we have to live it as if it is, or it doesn’t count.

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