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…though not for a number of friends. Still, I’m easily amused.



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Mac drop problem was thermal shock. Desk is no longer in kitchen/DR area, under cold HVAC, so basically can’t run iMac G5 when house ambient temp is 75-plus. #$%@!!

Cracking it open and blowing the dust bunnies out, of which there were very few, just cooled it enough so that it takes longer to fail.

Now it’s cooler. The mac is up, and staying up. So I’m trying to read my mail, and somebody sent me a video.

Somewhere along the way, I lost audio from browsers, eg, playing vids. Attempting to fix it via http://www.macfixitforums.com/showflat.php?Board=tiger&Number=772938 caused me to lose SYSTEM audio. Though GarageBand still can play audio.

I’ve been watching too much InuYasha. Have fierce and savage urge to attack, via keyboard, with battle-cry of “BLUUUUUETOOTH KEYCLICKS OF *CLRI ROOT NODE*!!!” If only the damn thing would just blow up. It would be SO worth it.

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My desktop mac has been crashing randomly for the past several days. Downloading the 10.4.9 combo dmg, with a permissions fixer, did not solve the problem. Still getting sudden shutoffs, leaving -122 error in ../../private/var/log/system.log.

Also reported were a bunch-o-cruft about difficulties routing and mookin’ aboot (she sez, through clenched teeth clamped about a nonexistent hand-carved bit of briar).

Took the mac off the net. Went through every control in System Prefs, singing Buddy Holly to myself. “Look through every window, yeah… what do I see?” Yes, the song is “any” window. Turned off anything ‘helpful’, eg FruitMenu, FontLoader, yada yada. Found that firewire is now plumbed for IPv6 stuff. Ah.

Oh, and since the 10.4.9 upgrade, my terminals say ‘localhost’ instead of ‘hoksu-mitto’. Well.

To make a long story shorter, I think I have it this time. Have turned off bluetooth wake-up capability, set the hostname again (! again ! what, do they not finish plumbing the hostname if you aren’t on the net?! ), yada yada.

Let’s see how it goes. I’m way behind on email, if ya got something up, call me.

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…but i hasn’t figgered out all about how to use it yet.

Just sayin.

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