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About that Dust…

I’ve compromised on “Misty” as a theme for now.  Any iPhone readers out there who want to tell me if it sucks on the device, since it’s fixed-width?  AdThanksVance.  

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Pardon Our Dust…

I’m in the process of enabling Custom CSS on this hosted WordPress blog, so that I can get a good theme with graphics in the header (which I love) that is also flexible width.  There are less than a dozen choices for flexible width themes, and of those, only a couple offer a customizable header.  So I’ll compromise my aesthetic to enable better reading for folks, and work on getting things fixed up to my liking.  Cheers!


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Blast From the Past?

Regular readers will notice some back-dated posts showing up. I’d created a number of drafts, ready to post, and for various reasons haven’t been able to do so. I’m just clearing the backlog, and soon we’ll be back to our regularly sporadic updates. 🙂

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