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Teh IntarTubeZ are mighty, and never more so than today. If you have not enjoyed the splendor and majesty of the Leningrad Cowboys’ rendition of Stairway to Heaven, complete with the Red Army Chorus, I say you have truly not ENJOYED.

Sweet, sweet, o piercing sweet, o lingering sweet the strain; oh, wait, that’s the Stolen Bride from Howard Pyle’s classic Robin Hood. Still.


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One of the professions near and dear to my hear is that of graphic design. I’m still not sure if it’s Brigadoon lost or a bullet dodged, but either way, I pay attention when I can. I recently encountered a gem of a Laugh Out Loud moment courtesy of Speak Up, namely the long-suffering lament, now a soulful metal ballad: “Make the Logo Bigger”. “I don’t wanna tell you how to do your job, but could you make the logo bigger?.

The comments on this posting are a real humor-drizzled slice of life on their own, leading to places like Von Glitschka’s “Day in the Life”, documenting a “Make this 400% bigger” post-it note, and the inspired nonsense (brilliantly conceived, if gigglingly executed) of The Bauhaus Rap.

SRC art, worldtree, copyright 2007

I’m happily blown away by all the great design tutorials on the web these days, like Illustration Class and Computer Arts. These folks sure know how to teach– they walk you through the workflow from sketch to finished digital product, or tool-by-tool techniques for specific effects. There’s many a happy afternoon here for design dilettantes like myself who are thinking of taking our sketchbook art to the next level.

SRC art, serpent nest, copyright 2007

Just started checking out the pro-mag Design Tools Monthly, especially their great Mac tools section. It’s almost enough to make me go out and get a Design certificate. But I really should upgrade my own website first. Hey, maybe I should make the logo smaller!!

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in honor of CATURDAY!

Teh Mean Kitteh video; it’s great!!!


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The college humor dudes (and dudettes?) show us what a meeting and a comment stream have in common. NSFW (language). Ganked from <a href=”CrunchNotes.

While the ginormous meeting of doom is really lousy as a format for accomplishing a lot of things, this video goes a long way to explaining why we never get anything done online. For various values of 'never', of course. And why the web-based forum will never replace mailing lists for productivity!

Seriously genius.

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…doing the impossible before breakfast: Mule gives birth (NPR).

They don’t know yet whether the foal is a mule, with 63 chromosomes, or a donkey, with 62. Or a chimera.

Maybe the little guy is the savior to the overworked beasts of burden, a virgin birth to a lowly pack mule. Born to lead to freedom all hooved mammals who labor without surcease and find their rewards to be, not retirement in green pastures, but a trip to the knackers. Orwell’s prefigurement made flesh, and Boxer the patron saint. “I will work harder.”

Goddess grant it, in our lifetimes, eh?

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[Via Jef P’s flickr feed]

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After all, without Digital Turnip Twaddling, who needs an iPhone?!
Opus needs his Digital Turnip Twaddler!

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…unless hysterical laughter is ok at your work. No, seriously. This is insanely great.

Khraigslist ‘missed connections’. Freakin’ *brilliant*. And oh, oh, oh, so terribly, horribly, hysterically realistic.

Apologies for not citing whomever on my flist who posted this, I’d closed all the LJ tabs before reading the link.

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Thanks, whump!

…for the pointer to ROFLBOT!
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