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For the curious, and those considering joining the happy-go-lucky ranks of amateur radio volunteers, here are 15 minutes of live SVECS repeater audio from the October 30th earthquake. One of the SVECS (Silicon Valley Emergency Communication Services) members was doing audio capture of something unrelated when the quake hit, and switched his input to get the repeater traffic. Note that I’m not on there; the traffic is local AEC’s, Area Emergency Coordinators, checking in to pass on reports overall from local nets like SPECS (Southern Peninsula Emergency Communication Services) or Sunnyvale ARES.

If this had been a serious earthquake, the dialogue would have been much more focused, and possibly somewhat grim. As it is, it’s a nice sample of folks following the standard procedures: creating a net, Net Control taking damage reports, etc. Mike and I self-activated, checked into the Sunnyvale SARES/SPECS network, and went to the main clubhouse to set up our comm station in case of damage here in our housing complex. It was a nice test run of our own procedures, and we found some things that need work– such as someone moving the Damage Report packets to an unknown location, and the portable antenna being moved to where debris would have hampered access to it in a stronger quake.


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Dawn: Flea Market!

We'll be setting up at the Foothill^H Onizuka^H DeAnza ham radio flea market, as part of an ongoing decrufification effort, including such festive riches as a double-NIC 1999 eMachine 500 running a clean OpenBSD install, a 27″ color TV owned by not one but TWO famous sysadmins, and MOAR!

Come on down. Say hi. Buy crap, err, stuff, err TREASURE, that's it, TREASURE. Cheep. Technical books. Serial cables. Null modem adaptors. A SPARC Ultra something or other. A genuine IBM Selectric typewriter, with multiple type ballz. Did I say TREASURE enuf yet?

Oh, and I'll be selling, and signing, copies of TPOSANA 2nd Edition at a hefty discount, so come on down for that too!

TREASURE!!!! (No, rly!)

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