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Found this stunning blog entry about the death of someone’s mom via ‘s journal. Went on to read the comments (oh, the comments … heartbreaking) and the follow-up posting. [Edit: and the third posting.]

When I think about my ever-escalating war against the medical establishment to get GOOD treatment for my autoimmune diseases, and my supplement and lifestyle changes to prevent fibro or CFS, I realize that sometimes being a stubborn b**ch can be a good thing.


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…it’s time to change your mind.

When confronted with evidence that recalled petfood with new UPC labels over the recalled labels was being sold in their stores, Wal-Mart had a number of choices.

  • “That’s terrible, we will check into it immediately!”
  • “We doubt it, but we will check on it.”
  • “It must be an isolated case, we would never do that.”
  • “You’re wrong, we aren’t doing that.”
  • “There isn’t any recalled pet food at our stores. And if there was, it would be somebody else’s fault.”Guess which option they picked?
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